420-422 Elgar Road, Box Hill Vic 3128
P (03) 98992425
F (03) 98997909

36 Rutland Rd, Box Hill Vic 3128
P (03) 98994570
F (03) 98971320

Box Hill Family Clinic

Box Hill Family Clinic is a GPA plus accredited general practice. Comprehensive health care to all families and individuals of all ages has been provided at the clinic since 2008. We have 2 locations now and both are located near the Box Hill shopping centre and are easily accessible via public transport. Free parking is available at the back of Elgar Road clinic.

Opening hours

Monday – Friday (9:00 am to 5: 30 pm)
Saturday (9:00 am to 4:00 pm)
Sunday (9:00 am to 4:00 pm)
Public holiday (variable)


Clinic 1
420-422 Elgar Road
Box Hill Vic 3128
Phone (03) 98992425
Fax (03) 98997909

Clinic 2
36 Rutland Rd
Box Hill Vic 3128
Phone (03) 98994570
Fax (03) 98971320

We are a mixed billing practice. Our existing patients with a pre-booked appointment with a valid Medicare card is bulk billed. A standard fee applies for all NEW PATIENTS, non Medicare card patients and walk/fit in consultations. Please ring front desk for details.


Booking on 420-422 Elgar Road, Box Hill Vic 3128

Booking on 36 Rutland Rd, Box Hill Vic 3128


2023 Flu vaccines available $15 per dose.

Please book appointment online with one of our doctors or ring front desk on (03)98992425 or (03)98994570.

Email: info@bhclinic.com.au

After Hour Care : Home Doctor Service 137425